About Cherry Boo Crafts

Welcome to my small blog on the internet where I hope to share different sewing, knitting and other crafts not only things I've done, but also to share links to other lovely crafty, creative websites out there you can get ideas from for your next craft creations.

Since I can remember I've always loved creating things, but recently took up sewing!

After 42yrs of marriage and the sudden loss of my husband in 2013, I had been struggling and found the need to do something to distract myself from the horrific saddness that engulfed me.

As fate would have it, early in 2015, I inherited an older Elna sewing machine and havn't looked back since managing to master some basics of using it even though I had used a sewing machine before. That was many years ago at high school and back then they were older Singer sewing machines. Wow! have they all come a long way since then.

Internet searchs have begun ... what do I make/create?

How much material do I need, what type of material?

What kind of sewing/craft utensils do I need?
Oh the list goes on ... !

I cannot believe how many different basic, quick, easy and wonderful things there are out on the internet to find and make ... GOOGLE and YOUTUBE are godsends :)

I have always knitted, so am not new to that and since my own children are all grown up and married with children, nieces/nephews are now having new bubs, I have many grandies/great nieces/nephews to still knit and now sew things for.

Everything I create, I give away, so I call them my 'Giveaways' ... lol!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through the site, and sorry my photo's are not the best,(click on them to see the fuller versions), but at least they give you an idea on what can be done especially if you are new to sewing as I am.

NOTE: All photos posted on this blog are copyright to me ... hugs CherryBoo xx

2018 - Still Sewing!

Belated Happy New Year!

Gee wizz, I'm not too sure where the year went, especially the latter part of it.
Moving house and Christmas seemed to take care of that!

However, I managed to sew up a few Christmas pressies for family members (see below) which were received graciously!

So far this year sewing has alluded me, but have made a chookie pin cushion and first ever lightweight tote for carrying sewing gear or other things in ... think I'm hooked and can see more being made in the future to give away!

My Fav Fabric Store Plug!

In the hectic real world, I got to pay a visit to my favorite fabric store and friendly staff of:
From there I collected more FQ's (stash) and yardage for future projects. 
 East Coast Fabrics is one of the best places to go if you are looking for wonderful 100% cotton fabric, rayons etc all at good quality prices.

You can order some fabrics online, but most of it is in store because they sell out very quickly.

BUT - The lovely friendly staff will help if you wish to request a phone order ... Just ring them!

Another tote done and dusted, plus a peak at something else I'm working on ... My own creation lol!
I hope everyone has a wonderful year AND ...

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Sewing With .... Singer!

Im back again to fill you in on trialing out the new sewing machine, which I have to add, has not disappointed me to date. So far, I've managed to master most things on it by reading the booklet that came with it and checking the LD display to make sure things set correctly before sewing any projects.

I've found the machine a breeze, with the exception of the automatic threader though!!!!

That I have NOT managed to master and still resort to threading the needle the old way which is quicker for me to do with glasses (oh yeah! I wear glasses by the way), off because I'm short sighted lol!

I produced the Garment Suit Cover for a friend and a makeup purse - (see pics posted below).

With Christmas coming up fast and a few birthdays before then I guess more things will be in the sewing pipeline!

Garment Bag
Terrible fabric to work with, but got it done!


Don't you just love the chickie fabric???

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Full Apron For DIL

 Recently I had some time to finally have a play with my new sewing machine and created another apron in secret. This time it was a full apron for my DIL who just loves cooking and her aprons, so can never have too many of them lol.

The apron I created was done by using up some left over yardage, ric-a-rac, lace and scrap cotton fabric ... When my DIL tried it on, it seemed I'd cut the top portion a little too big, but that's what happens when you do these things in secret and can't get the sizing right at the time.

My DIL is very is happy with the end result, which, with little alterations here and there, fitted much better than shows in this photo.
I also created a lovely birthday gift for a special person, but won't post a picture of it right now in case they see it  😜

Oh well, I'm off to sew more gifts for other birthdays coming up!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Poppet Doll Applique - Just Playing Around

I've never done an applique before now, but when I saw an applique posted on my fb page I decided to have a go at doing my own version of a "Poppet Doll" so here it is below.

I'm not too sure what I will create from it, maybe a wall hanging?

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Tablet Case - My Own Version

My dear son gave me a tablet to play with. It's great seeing things so much bigger than I do on my phone now - (these ole eyes are not to good anymore).

Anyway, after having it sitting while charging up, I noticed a lot of fluff collected on the screen, so put on my thinking cap and came up with my own version of a Tablet Case using up some left over FQ I had.

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Bag Creation - Medication Bag

As I have to carry a few meds that I unfortunately need to take on a daily basis I decided to make myself a small bag to keep them together.

I found the pattern for a small bag ... HERE.

 NOTE: ... because I never had a Lace Zipper I created my own version of one lol.

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

New Sewing Machine

Recently I celebrated a milestone Birthday so decided to shout myself a NEW Singer sewing machine, the first in my life, but have yet to have a play with it.

It looks great and has all the 'bells n whistles' included.

Can't wait to master some of the great patterns it has!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

First Sewing Creation - 2017

Finally .... I managed to get a little sewing done for the start of 2017 and have no idea when I will get the chance to sew more creations at this stage, hopefully soon!!!

Real life is so hectic these days that I do not get much time to sit down at the machine. 

Anyway, after being given a small tote bag by a dear friend, I decided to try creating a slightly bigger version of it so came up with a Patchwork one which I'm rather chuffed with.

Below is the end result (front and back).

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

2016 ~ Where Did It Go????


 I hope you had a great Christmas (2016) and fantastic start to the New Year (2017)

Oh my gosh ... Where did the year go?

I've been soooo busy in real life I hardly had time to create anything further since my last postings for the year ... bah hum bug!!!

I did however, manage to create a group CRAFTY WORLD on facebook for those of you who may be interested, where I post many terrific creative FINDS in my travels.

You are welcome to have a lookie and join up if you are connected to facebook - HERE
Keep on creating and have a fabulous 2017 everyone.
hugs CherryBoo xx

Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (2015) and a fantastic New Year (2016)?

Sewing has gone by the way-side over the hectic holiday period I've had, but hope to get back into it during the coming year and post for you to see ... I managed to get my hands on a Singer sewing machine from my dil which is now sitting waiting for me to get my backside into gear to give it a burst ...  I just have to find some un-interupted time to do so!

I look forward to continuing showing off my new sewing creations/projects during the year.

Have a fabulous 2016 everyone.

hugs CherryBoo xx


Christmas Is Coming!

Hello again all ... I've not posted for a while because my hard drive died and had to be replaced on my PC. I managed to save everything from the old hard drive, thank goodness, onto an external backup drive I have, but unfortunately couldn't post any pictures of what I've done recently.

With Christmas making an appearance again so quickly its been time to get stuck in on sewing/craft projects and make Christmas gifts for the little ones in the family to send away.

So far I've managed to make a bib, throw toweling baby rug, a birdie and fish.

Oh! I almost forgot to post ... The Bird FREE pattern and tutorial can be found - HERE

The fish is a pattern I drew up myself. There are others out there for FREE!
Just do a google search for them.

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Baby Gifts!

Well ... I finally got the baby gifts sent off with a couple of extra additions added. I made two sets of the wee baby booties (below) I had a pattern for in a book ... Oh and another bunnie too!

I became a great-aunt to a wee boy on the 10th Sept and am sitting here waiting today for the other wee baby (a girl) to be born so hopefully all goes well.
HERE is a link to another baby booty FREE pattern very similar to the ones I made which I found on the internet for anyone wanting to knit them. Cute and great baby gifts!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Hello Sailor!

I tried my hand sewing something different and created this sailor hat for fun out of craft felt. I couldn't for the life of me find a free pattern on the internet so had to fly by the seat of my pants by looking at pictures of one.

 I was pretty chuffed with the outcome! 
Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Knee Quilt!

Trying my hand at doing a quick, what I call, knee quilt for my grandson to use during the winter months while he is sitting playing games. He is a Star Wars fan so chose the appropriate fabric for him ... sorry the photo doesn't show the Star War pattern very well.

I still have to run lines through it, but am happy with the result so far ...

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Baby Bear!

As you can see I've been on a knitting spree lol!

I love knitting at nights while watching TV and have been trying to get the knitted baby gifts completed so my parcel can be sent off, almost there, just a couple of other small things to go ... Hopefully I should get it sent off soon!

Bear to match the bunny below!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Knitted Bunny!

Another knitted bunny completed ... Just love these bunnies

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Cute Knitted Bunny!

Don't you think this is the cutest little Bunny ever?

I found the knitting instructions for it HERE if anyone wants to make them. Great givaways for baby gift baskets and so quick and easy to do!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Disappearing Nine Patch!

As this is all new to me I helped with this disappearing nine patch cushion cover ... I still have much to learn to get it done correctly though.

HERE is a video on "How To" do it!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Sewing/Craft Nook!

This is my small sewing/craft nook where I spend a lot of my time creating new items.

Each week I make sure I give myself at least a couple of days to spend time creating in my nook. I hope those of you who love sewing or crafting have a special area like I do too.

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

Fabric Hut Blog!

 Don't you just love this?

I came across the Fabric Hut blog - HERE a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with you ... You will find FREE patterns and some great creations to do if you decide to take a peek at it.

 Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx