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Welcome to my small blog on the internet where I hope to share different sewing, knitting and other crafts not only things I've done, but also to share links to other lovely crafty, creative websites out there you can get ideas from for your next craft creations.

Since I can remember I've always loved creating things, but recently took up sewing!

After 42yrs of marriage and the sudden loss of my husband in 2013, I had been struggling and found the need to do something to distract myself from the horrific saddness that engulfed me.

As fate would have it, early in 2015, I inherited an older Elna sewing machine and havn't looked back since managing to master some basics of using it even though I had used a sewing machine before. That was many years ago at high school and back then they were older Singer sewing machines. Wow! have they all come a long way since then.

Internet searchs have begun ... what do I make/create?

How much material do I need, what type of material?

What kind of sewing/craft utensils do I need?
Oh the list goes on ... !

I cannot believe how many different basic, quick, easy and wonderful things there are out on the internet to find and make ... GOOGLE and YOUTUBE are godsends :)

I have always knitted, so am not new to that and since my own children are all grown up and married with children, nieces/nephews are now having new bubs, I have many grandies/great nieces/nephews to still knit and now sew things for.

Everything I create, I give away, so I call them my 'Giveaways' ... lol!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking through the site, and sorry my photo's are not the best,(click on them to see the fuller versions), but at least they give you an idea on what can be done especially if you are new to sewing as I am.

NOTE: All photos posted on this blog are copyright to me ... hugs CherryBoo xx

Full Apron For DIL

 Recently I had some time to finally have a play with my new sewing machine and created another apron in secret. This time it was a full apron for my DIL who just loves cooking and her aprons, so can never have too many of them lol.

The apron I created was done by using up some left over yardage, ric-a-rac, lace and scrap cotton fabric ... When my DIL tried it on, it seemed I'd cut the top portion a little too big, but that's what happens when you do these things in secret and can't get the sizing right at the time.

My DIL is very is happy with the end result, which, with little alterations here and there, fitted much better than shows in this photo.
I also created a lovely birthday gift for a special person, but won't post a picture of it right now in case they see it  😜

Oh well, I'm off to sew more gifts for other birthdays coming up!

Happy Creating!
hugs CherryBoo xx

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